Answered By: Theresa Bell
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When citing a resource by one author, provide the last name of the author or the corporate/group author's name and the date of publication at the appropriate point. To decide the placement of the citation, “if the name of the author appears as part of the narrative . . . cite only the year of publication in parentheses. Otherwise, place both the name and the year, separated by a comma, in parentheses” (American Psychological Association, 2010, p. 174). Remember that the page or paragraph number is also required for a direct quotation; see "What is an in-text citation?" for more information.


  • Lastname (year of publication) noted that, "quotation" (p./para. #).
    • e.g., Johnson (2010) noted that, "quotation" (p. 4). 
  • Signal phrase, “quotation” (Lastname, year, p./para.  #). 
    • When considering this issue, "quotation" (Royal Roads University, 2013, para. 7).


American Psychological Association. (2010). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.). Washington, DC: Author.