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Per "Table Tips" in the APA Style Blog (2009):

Once you have finished your table, where it goes in the manuscript depends on what sort of manuscript you have written. If you have completed an article to be submitted for publication, put the table at the end after the references and author note but before the figures, and make sure the table is mentioned at least once in the text (so the editors and reviewers know when to look for it). If you have written a dissertation or report for class, check with your dissertation committee or professor. Many educators prefer to have tables placed in text at approximately the place the tables are mentioned, and they certainly get the final say on table placement when they are doing the grading! (para. 11)

With respect to figures,

the figure should be presented as close as possible to where it is mentioned in the text. This can be easily accomplished for reports and theses if the figures are not required to be presented all together at the end of the paper; departmental and universal guidelines on this point need to be verified beforehand. For manuscripts to be submitted for publication, journal guidelines will dictate where they are to be placed. (Nicol & Pexman, 2010, p. 12)

In student essays, tables and figures are typically placed as near as possible to the first mention of the table or figure in the body text, but if you're unsure of what approach to take, please check with your instructor.

For more information on tables and figures, please search WriteAnswers for "table" or "figure".


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