Answered By: Theresa Bell
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Citations for audiobooks are like citations for written books, except that rather than including a page number you would include a timestamp. This approach is consistent with in-text citation guidelines for online videos. The timestamp in your citation will provide your reader with the moment when the quotation begins (not when it ends) (Lee, 2015, “Use a Timestamp,” para. 1). Here is an example:

            (Last name, year, 11:25)

In the example above, the material you are citing begins at 11 minutes and 25 seconds into the audiobook. If the material you are citing occurs less than one minute into the audiobook, use “0” before the colon and provide the number of seconds (Lee, 2015, “Use a Timestamp,” para. 5), as shown in the following example:

            (Last name, year, 0:55)

The APA Style guidelines for paraphrasing from an audiobook are the same as paraphrasing from a written book; although you must include a page number/timestamp for direct quotations, you are encouraged, but not required, to include this pinpoint when paraphrasing (Lee, 2015, “Use a Timestamp,” para. 8).

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