Answered By: Theresa Bell
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According to the "RRU Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy" (Royal Roads University, 2014a):

Plagiarism is the act of presenting the ideas or works of another as one's own. This applies to all materials including essays, work term reports or assignments, laboratory reports, seminar presentations, computer programs, research projects and results, postings in discussion groups, and statistical data. The use of such material either directly or indirectly without proper acknowledgment (i.e., footnotes or endnotes) is contrary to the norms of academic behaviour and is subject to severe penalty, up to and including expulsion from the university.  (para. 5)

Plagiarism is taken seriously at RRU, and the consequences can range from failing an assignment to being expelled (Royal Roads University, 2014b). Remember that at RRU, a team both succeeds and fails as a team. Accordingly, if a member of a team plagiarizes, the consequences of that action may apply to all members of his/her team.

Please see Plagiarism for more information and resources. To learn how to cite sources correctly, please refer to APA Style


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