Answered By: Theresa Bell
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APA 6th Edition and 7th Edition

This FAQ focuses on citing and referencing materials from within a PowerPoint. If you're looking for information on how to reference a PowerPoint, please visit "How to cite and reference PowerPoints in APA Style?".

In-text Citations

You won't find anything in the APA Style manual specifically about citing or referencing within PowerPoint presentations because the rules were created for use in journal article manuscripts. If you're creating a PowerPoint presentation as an academic assignment, your instructor will have the final say on how the information should be presented. As a general rule, assume that you should cite quotations and paraphrases in the slides to avoid plagiarizing the information. The in-text citations within the slides can present the typical information e.g., (Lastname, year, p. X); however, if your instructor prefers you take a different approach (e.g., to provide citations in slide notes), please follow your instructor's direction.


References can be presented on the final slide(s) of the PowerPoint slide deck; alternatively, you could submit a separate list of references as a Word document. If you're not sure which approach you should take, please speak with your instructor.


Images in your PowerPoint that you didn't create should be credited, and if the PowerPoint will be shared publicly outside of your RRU course, you may also need to obtain copyright permission to use the image. For more information, please see Do I need to cite images in a PowerPoint presentation?.