Answered By: Theresa Bell
Last Updated: May 02, 2020     Views: 18

Please check with instructors first before using any software that checks text to ensure your instructor approves how you want to use the tool.

There are many free and fee-based software programs that will check for some forms of plagiarism, but please keep in mind that a software program will not catch every instance of plagiarism. For example, software programs can’t detect plagiarism in paraphrased information or quotations/paraphrases of information that isn’t broadly available online.

When using any computer program that suggests changes or corrections, the final responsibility to ensure that everything is correct rests with you, including ensuring that you’re adhering to RRU’s Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy For Students. Therefore, please review all suggestions provided by the program to determine if they're correct, and if you're not sure and you're a RRU student, please contact the Writing Centre so we can answer your questions.