Answered By: Jonathan Faerber (he/him/his)
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English language learners enrolled at RRU may be from households or cultures where English is not the dominant spoken language. In some of these cases, English language learners who are new to university may be working to  develop proficiency in written and spoken English. In fact, such students may be writing in formal academic English for the first time.

If you are an English language learner, you may have questions for the Writing Centre about writing in English, but you will also have many other questions about everything from the process of writing an academic paper to questions about the format of your citations and references in APA Style.

For questions about the tone and style of English in academic writing, sentence structure, grammar, and expanding vocabulary for academic purposes, you may want to schedule an appointment with Robin Grazley at the Writing Centre for a 30-minute consultation focused on Learning English for Academic Purposes (LEAP for short).

For information on different types of academic writing, formatting and style requirements, or any other questions related to the process of writing an academic paper, including how to start writing or how to revise and edit a draft, ELL students are also welcome to book 30-minute appointments to Get Help With a Work in Progress.

The Writing Centre can also address all of these topics in a written review of a graded assignment. If you are interested in learning from the Writing Centre’s written feedback on your work, please book a 60-minute appointment to Improve Overall as a Writer by Discussing Graded Work. When you are booking the appointment, please allow yourself enough time to send the Writing Centre the graded version of the document you would like us to review at least three business days before your scheduled appointment time.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about looking for resources on the Writing Centre website that can help you to develop your English proficiency, please see English Isn't My Native Language - Are There Resources on the Writing Centre Website to Help Me?