Answered By: Robin Grazley (she/her/hers)
Last Updated: Jun 08, 2023     Views: 30

Students at Royal Roads University are generally expected to follow the conventions of North American academic English in their academic writing. In addition to following grammatical conventions such as using complete sentences and following agreed-upon rules for spelling and punctuation, your academic writing should demonstrate your evidence-based analysis of the topic in language that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. North American academic English also emphasizes continuity or logical flow of ideas, as well as an appropriate level of detail and accuracy when presenting evidence or explaining an argument. Writers are expected to cite the sources that inform their work, so they can give credit to other authors’ ideas and show their audience what evidence they have used to support their arguments.

At the Writing Centre, our focus is on helping you develop your skills as a writer, and your confidence in telling your story in your voice. Even though you are already able to communicate effectively in your own English, you may notice that your writing style is different from your instructors’, and if so, it may be helpful for you to understand what these differences are. You may find that considering the intended audience for your writing can help you choose the grammatical and structural conventions that will let you share your ideas most clearly with your audience. Please check with your instructor if you have questions about their expectations of your writing style in an assignment.

The Writing Centre has online resources to help you learn more about North American academic English. If you are a student at RRU and you’d like to talk with us about your academic writing, please schedule an appointment so we can assist you!