Answered By: Robin Grazley (she/her/hers)
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Students in RRU programs use APA Style to format their academic work, with a few adjustments. For example, the APA manual, as an American publication, directs writers to use American conventions for grammar and spelling. Since Royal Roads is a Canadian university, Canadian English spelling is usually preferred in your academic writing, even when you have been directed to follow APA Style rules. Students citing Canadian legal documents should follow the rules described in the McGill Guide rather the APA manual’s instructions, which apply specifically to American legal sources. 

It is generally expected that you will follow the grammatical conventions of academic English in your writing at RRU, but how you apply those conventions may vary based on the form of English you speak and write. There are many variations of English worldwide, and no one form can be considered “standard” or “correct.” You may find it easier to communicate your ideas to a North American academic audience if you are aware of the conventions of North American academic EnglishAt the Writing Centre, we focus on helping you develop your skills as a writer, and your confidence in telling your story in your voice. If you’re a student at RRU and you’d like to speak with us about your academic writing, please book an appointment so we can assist you!