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An APA Style reference is structured to include four elements: the author of a resource, its publication date, its title, and the source (that is, information about where the resource is located and can be retrieved) (American Psychological Association [APA], n.d.-a, Source section). 

In the case of a web page, the source element will sometimes include the name of the website on which the web page is located (Lee, 2020-a, Examples of the reference system in practice section). For example, an article from an online news source with an individual author will include both the name of the author (e.g., "Diary Marif") and the site name (e.g., "Capital Daily") in the reference: 

Marif, D. (2024, January 2). Ethnic diversity increasing in Greater Victoria, but still lags behind the rest of BC. Capital Daily. 

Similarly, a reference to an article or web page from a government or corporate website might also follow this format: 

Laricchia, F. (2024, February 12). Leading tech companies worldwide 2024, by market cap. Statista.

More often than not, when there is no individual author for a web page, the reference begins instead with the organization name since they are considered the author. In these cases, it is not necessary to repeat the name after the title of the web page (APA, n.d.-b, Webpage on a website with an organizational group author section). For example: 

BC Hydro. (n.d.) Community re-greening program.

For more examples of this type, see How Do I Reference a Web Page in APA Style?, and for examples of web page references that include both the author and website name, see the examples in the references below as well as Webpage on a Website References or p. 351 of the APA Style manual (2020-b).


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