Answered By: Jonathan Faerber (he/him/his)
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The McGill Law Journal (2023) provides the following example reference entry of a land claim agreement on page E-64: 

Nunavik Land Claims Agreement, 1 December 2006, online: <> []

The first element of the reference is the title of the agreement, and the second element is the date that the agreement was signed. Finally the reference also concludes with two links: a link to the government department or ministry website where the agreement can be located (for most treaties or agreements with Indigenous peoples, this will be the website for Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada) and a direct permanent link to the the online agreement created using this tool.

In cases where you are not able to find an existing Perma link to the source, you are able sign up here to create that permanent link from any URL:

For more information and examples on how to use McGill Guide formatting to reference Indigenous treaties and agreements, see this resource on Indigenous Legal Documents from the University of Fraser Valley.


McGill Law Journal. (2023). Canadian guide to uniform legal citation (10th ed.). Thomson Reuters.