Answered By: Theresa Bell
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If you accessed a resource electronically, you need to provide sufficient information in your reference for your reader to be able to locate the resource in the same location. Even if the resource is available in both print and electronic formats, if you accessed the electronic version, please direct your reader to that version in your reference. In a reference for a print document, the publisher location and name is provided; however, for an electronic resource, the retrieval information replaces the publisher information and instead directs the reader to the electronic location of the resource. For resources retrieved from an online password-protected database, you can note the electronic location by providing a DOI, the URL of the home page of the database, or the database's name (see "How do I reference a journal article in APA Style (no DOI)?" for more information and example references); for material retrieved from an open website, you can provide the URL. Please search WriteAnswers for the specific resource type that you're working with (e.g., ebook, chapter in an ebook, journal article) to see examples of electronic retrieval information, and see "Do I need a retrieval date in my reference in APA style" for more information on retrieval dates.