Answered By: Theresa Bell
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If you're quoting the questionnaire itself, and if the questionnaire is a public document, please use the appropriate APA formatting to reference the document. I don't have a copy of the questionnaire, so I can't give a specific recommendation; however, something like the following might work (please adapt the reference as necessary to suit your resource):

Lastname of questionnaire author, A. (year of copyright). Title of questionnaire. Retrieved from http://www.xxxxx

If you are quoting or paraphrasing the questionnaire results, those results are only available to you as a result of your completing the questionnaire. As such, unless you post the results on a public website or otherwise publish them, the results aren't available to the general public. Accordingly, please use the format for personal communication to cite your questionnaire results. Personal communication does not provide recoverable data; therefore, the resource is only cited within the text but not in the reference list (American Psychological Association, 2010, p. 179). When citing personal communication, provide the first initial and last name of your contact or the group/corporate name, “personal communication”, and the date the communication took place. In the case of the results of the VARK questionnaire, please cite the author of the questionnaire as the source of the information. For example, (J. Greenwood, personal communication, January 15, 2004), or J. Greenwood (personal communication, January 15, 2004). For more information, please see "How do I cite or reference personal communication in APA Style?".