Answered By: Theresa Bell
Last Updated: Dec 06, 2017     Views: 1873

Information posted in a password-protected RRU Moodle course site, such as a discussion forum posting, isn't available to the general public; accordingly, please use the format for personal communication to cite a Moodle posting. Please note that if the information came from another document (e.g., a colleague or instructor quoted from another author's text, and you want to use the quotation), you should track down the primary source versus citing your colleague or instructor citing the primary source (i.e., providing a secondary source citation).

If you want to quote or paraphrase from course postings, it's respectful of the authors' privacy to first ask permission to use their words in your assignment. They may not have intended for their comments to be used outside of the course site, so asking for permission to use their words alerts them to your intended use of the material. If the authors decline permission, please respect their wishes and do not quote or paraphrase them in your text. Please also see One of my classmates said something controversial, and I'd like to quote her comment in my paper. How should I do this?