Answered By: Jonathan Faerber
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APA 6th Edition

Please see "How do I cite a confidential document?" and "How do I cite a Moodle post in APA Style?" for citing materials requiring log in access on a company or classroom website. 

APA 7th Edition

Classroom or work materials are often shared with the users of a course or company website, such as a Moodle (a learning management system) or an intranet website. If the audience of a document includes only these users (such as the instructor of your course), these materials may be cited as recoverable resources rather than personal communication. For instance, it is appropriate to cite and reference a video recording or PowerPoint lecture slides on Moodle following the relevant format for an online video or PowerPoint presentation as long as the audience can retrieve these resources. 

If the audience of your document cannot recover the sources you are citing, please cite these sources as personal communication. For example, information from an internal company report on an intranet website should be cited as personal communication when writing for a course instructor since the original resource is only available only to other employees who work at the company, rather than the instructor of your course. To cite resources that are unrecoverable for your audience, please see How Do I Cite or Reference Personal Communication in APA Style?


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