Answered By: Theresa Bell (she/her/hers)
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2023     Views: 67

As of the publication of this FAQ, the APA Style editors have yet to publish directions on how to cite information obtained via a ChatGPT query. We’ll update this FAQ when they provide that direction.

In the meantime, since the information is a result of a unique interaction between the writer and ChatGPT in an online chat that cannot be accessed by anyone else, we’re proposing that authors treat information provided by ChatGPT as a personal communication e.g., (ChatGPT, personal communication, January 24, 2023). Authors may also wish to provide a description in the text of how they obtained the information versus relying on the citation to explain the origins of the text.

Since personal communications aren’t recoverable information, only an in-text citation is necessary; no accompanying reference is required. It’s unclear if ChatGPT will provide the same information in response to identical prompts, so we suggest that authors keep a record of the information obtained from ChatGPT, such as a screenshot, in case instructors want to see the original query and response.

Please note that this recommendation applies only to instances when it’s acceptable to use information generated by ChatGPT and where the information came directly from the chatbot. If you’re drawing on information that was generated by ChatGPT but published for a public audience (e.g., newspaper article, journal article), please follow the APA Style rules to cite that resource type.

Finally, please note that information generated by ChatGPT that is submitted as your original work may be considered plagiarism; please visit Plagiarism for more information. If you are unsure of what your instructor will accept for your assignment, please speak with your instructor.